How often do we change the filters?

There are filter that we change every 30 days, the activated carbon gets changed every year, and the RO membranes get changed out every 2 years.

Is your ice purified?

Yes it is we use the same purified water that goes into the bottles to make the ice.

Where do we get the water from?

Hanford Municipal Water District

Is there Fluoride in the water?

There is no fluoride in the water.

Do we have to purchase the bottles from Purified Water & Ice?

Absolutely not, you may bring in any bottles that want filled with Purified Water.

What is the Water Club?

The Water Club is a pre-paid water account that you purchase water at a reduced price. So the water you pay for won't expire until you use it.

Do you have to be in the Water Club to get water?

No not at all, we several customers that come and get their water and just pay cash.

Do we accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover.