Taste the Difference

Our 13 stage purification system produces some of the healthiest water you will ever drink: guaranteed. Compare our water with your favorite bottled water provider and experience the difference.

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Diversified Purification Applications

  • Alkaline Water
  • R.O. Water for Aquariums
  • Ultra-Pure Drinking Water
  • Purified Ice

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waterflow13 Stages, 1 Great Result

Our purification process is environmentally friendly and rigorous, employing 13 different technologies in carefully sequenced stages to create the cleanest water you can buy.

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Purified Water and Ice Simple Price Chart

Club Price Non-Club Price
Alkaline Water Per Gallon 54¢ 75¢
100 Gallons Purified Water $35.00 (35¢/gal) $45.00 (45¢/gal)
50 Gallons Purified Water $20.00 (40¢/gal) $22.50 (45¢/gal)
20lb Purified Ice $3.49 + tax (per bag up to 10 bags) $3.99 + tax
8lb Purified Ice $1.49 + tax (per bag up to 10 bags) $1.76 + tax